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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Tests Related Issues in Singapore

1. How to obtain a driving licence in Singapore?  

You need to pass 2 theory tests (basic theory and advance theory) and 1 practical test in order to get your driving license in Singapore.

Following are the steps you may consider as a general guide:
1. register an account with any of the three Test Centers (Bukit Batok, Comfort, Singapore Safety)
2. study
3. book a test date for the Basic Theory Test (BTT)
4. pass your BTT and apply for a Provisional Driving License (PDL)
5. practice driving and at the same time study for the Final Theory Test (FTT)
6. pass the final driving theory test
7. pass the practical driving test
8. a Qualified Driving License will then be issued to you.

2. How to obtain a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) ?  

After passing the basic theory test of driving, you can apply for the PDL, and usually you will get it on the spot after some simple eyesight testing and fee payment (25.00S$)

The PDL is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

You get to practise driving and better to pass the practical test during the period,

or otherwise, you need to renew the license with another 25.00S$.

3. What's the difference between Provisional Driving Licence and Qualified Driving Licence?  

PDL is valid for 6 months only, whereas QDL is normally last for life time, unless been revoked or disqualified.

PDL is licensed to learner driver who need to practice driving while on the way of obtaining the final QDL;

QDL is licensed to someone who already passed the stages of a learner driver, and legally to drive a vehicle.

PDL holders are not allowed to drive on the express way, while QDL drivers are not restricted by this rule.

4. What is the Passing Mark of Basic Theory Test?  

The Basic theory test contains 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
and you should complete answering them within 50 minutes.

and you have to get at least 45 out of the total 50 to be correct in order to pass.

Following is the detail :

minimum age : 18 years old
test venue : any one of the three driving centers. ComfortDelgro Driving Center (CDC), Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC), Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC)
test format : computer based, touch screen system.
available languages : English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil
question number : 50
questions type : MCQ - multiple choice questions, normally each question will contain 3 options,
time limit : 50 minutes
test passing mark/score : 90% (at least 45 questions correct)

5. What will be covered in the Basic Theory Test (BTT)?  

the Basic Theory Test will focus more on the traffic signs, signals, traffic rules, regulations and code of conduct on the road etc.

so you shall expect questions from those various topics.

6. Can I register for the basic theory test via internet?  

if you already have an account with any of the 3 driving centers (Bukit Batok, Comfort, Singapore Safety). you can use their online services to book a test date for your Basic Theory Test (BTT) or Final Theory Test (FTT).

If you don't have one yet, you need to go down personally with your IC to open an account first, then you can book your BTT or FTT test date online.

note: the account usually will last for a period of 6 months

7. What are the requirements to open an account for driving learning?  

you must be at least 18 years old;

physically and mentally healthy;

plus no color blindness (if you can not differentiate various colors of the traffic lights, you should know how dangerous it will be).

8. How much is the cost of the basic/advance theory test?  

the test itself is S$6.00, and every retest will be the same amount.

other possible cost:
Study materials
book 1. the official handbook (Basic theory of driving) S$3.20
book 2. the official handbook (advance theory of driving) S$3.70

9. Will My BTT/FTT Test Result Expire?  

There is no expiration for BTT result, you do not need to retake BTT once you have passed it, it shall be ok to apply PDL anytime after you have successfully passed the BTT test.

However, FTT result has a expiration date (2 years from the date of successfully passed the test). After you have passed the FTT, you will be required to pass the practical driving test within 2 years, otherwise you will have to retake and pass it again before another road test attempt.

10. If I do not have a PayPal account, how to make payment with my credit or debit card?  

You still can make payment with your credit/debit card, even if you DO NOT have a Paypal account or Do Not want to sign up one.

Choose "buy as a guest"(or join as a guest) as shown below when it comes to the Paypal pop up box after you clicked the "Pay With PayPal" button at the end of your checkout.

I paid for the app full and it still didn't unlock, help!!
I just paid through App Store to unlock but the mobile app (BTT/FTT SG) still does not show more than 20 questions, what to do?
You might have run into the above situation, generally you have purchased the mobile app, and somehow it only allows 20 questions.

Here are the instructions to resolve / unlock.
step 1. open the app, make sure you are at the home screen (as shown below)
step 2. tab the "Upgrade" button at the top of the screen, it will open "Purchase to Unlock" page.
step 3. locate and tab "Restore Purchase on This Device If you Have Paid Before".
if your previous payment was made successfully, Apple will verify that and no duplicate payment will occur,
all questions will be unlocked for your device.
(note : make sure your device can access internet during these operations, as this verification need to connect to Apple's server and check your previous payment transaction record based on your Apple Id).

Once a purchase is restored for your device, the "Upgrade" button will be removed from the home screen, and you will be able to access all the questions.

12. Where Can I Find BTT or FTT Learning Materials PDF Books Online?  

The ultimate location is the learning portal from Singapore traffic police.


Latest 11th edition Basic Theory Hand Books in PDF format are available in various languages as following.

Chinese / Mandarin



Final Theory Handbooks (FTT latest 9th edition) in PDF format are available for downloading as following:

Chinese / Mandarin




Basic theory test, final theory test sample questions, practice and learn online for unlimited times, pass the TP drivers' licence theory with absolute confidence!

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